Instructor/Student Responsibilities

wordleFor any learning to take place in a course, instructors and students each have responsibilities.  These are the ones I feel are important for this course.  I promise to do my best to fulfill my responsibilities. How about you?


Faculty member

  • Let students know how grades will be determined
  • Hold and attend all scheduled office hours
  • Let students know about assignments and tests early in the semester
  • Communicate regularly by e-mail or other communication venues within BlackBoard
  • Practice fairness and consistency
  • Show respect and consideration
  • Meet with students at times other than office hours at an agreed-upon time and location satisfactory to the student and the instructor.
  • Encourage questions and offer help to students when needed.
  • Monitor student progress and notify students who are not fulfilling expectations.
  • Ensure the confidentiality of all students in the course



  • Know important dates
  • Participate in class quizzes and the final examination at the times indicated in the syllabus and on the BlackBoard calendar
  • Dedicate time necessary to complete course readings, quizzes, and other suggested materials
  • Ask for help when needed
  • Monitor BlackBoard for announcements and messages from instructor regularly
  • Accept responsibility for learning
  • Practice academic honesty in all work
  • Notify instructor of emergency situations which will have an effect on student’s performance of class requirements
  • Display respect and consideration


What’s This?

This blog belongs to you, my students, and to me.  In the General blog I will be listing information about the course, such as tips about the course, instructor and student expectations, and other things that might come up during the course.  Each chapter blog will include my summary of the important information in the chapter as well as other links and pointers that may help you with any difficulties you have with the course.  You, as students, can post any information that has helped you understand a particular concept that had you confused, as well as asking any questions that you have about the information or the quizzes.  Please help me help you by using this blog to help you and the rest of the class learn from you and from me.