Chapters 3-5

elephantThis is when your lib 160 quizzes get a little tougher.  Quizzes 3 and 4 are usually especially difficult for many students.  Please 

  • think carefully about your answers and 
  • check the readings and the blog if you don’t understand a question.  Also remember that 
  • each attempt is essentially a new quiz–the answer to question 3 (or any other question) on your 3rd attempt is not the same answer (or question) as on your 2nd attempt.  
  • Review your previous attempt(s) before starting a new one.  
  • Start early, so if you are having problems I can help.  And–I can’t stress this enough–
  • do not take a 5th attempt without contacting me first.  Remember, I want everyone to pass this course.  

Author: rjjackson

I'm a scholar librarian with various concerns and interests. As a child of the 1960s, I maintain an annotated bibliography of important 1960s books at I also publish about Information Literacy and cognitive development. My interest in plagiarism grows out of my interest in information literacy.

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