What’s This?

This blog belongs to you, my students, and to me.  In the General blog I will be listing information about the course, such as tips about the course, instructor and student expectations, and other things that might come up during the course.  Each chapter blog will include my summary of the important information in the chapter as well as other links and pointers that may help you with any difficulties you have with the course.  You, as students, can post any information that has helped you understand a particular concept that had you confused, as well as asking any questions that you have about the information or the quizzes.  Please help me help you by using this blog to help you and the rest of the class learn from you and from me.


Author: rjjackson

I'm a scholar librarian with various concerns and interests. As a child of the 1960s, I maintain an annotated bibliography of important 1960s books at http://www.public.iastate.edu/~rjackson/webbibl.html. I also publish about Information Literacy and cognitive development. My interest in plagiarism grows out of my interest in information literacy.

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