Instructor/Student Responsibilities

wordleFor any learning to take place in a course, instructors and students each have responsibilities.  These are the ones I feel are important for this course.  I promise to do my best to fulfill my responsibilities. How about you?


Faculty member

  • Let students know how grades will be determined
  • Hold and attend all scheduled office hours
  • Let students know about assignments and tests early in the semester
  • Communicate regularly by e-mail or other communication venues within BlackBoard
  • Practice fairness and consistency
  • Show respect and consideration
  • Meet with students at times other than office hours at an agreed-upon time and location satisfactory to the student and the instructor.
  • Encourage questions and offer help to students when needed.
  • Monitor student progress and notify students who are not fulfilling expectations.
  • Ensure the confidentiality of all students in the course



  • Know important dates
  • Participate in class quizzes and the final examination at the times indicated in the syllabus and on the BlackBoard calendar
  • Dedicate time necessary to complete course readings, quizzes, and other suggested materials
  • Ask for help when needed
  • Monitor BlackBoard for announcements and messages from instructor regularly
  • Accept responsibility for learning
  • Practice academic honesty in all work
  • Notify instructor of emergency situations which will have an effect on student’s performance of class requirements
  • Display respect and consideration



Author: rjjackson

I'm a scholar librarian with various concerns and interests. As a child of the 1960s, I maintain an annotated bibliography of important 1960s books at I also publish about Information Literacy and cognitive development. My interest in plagiarism grows out of my interest in information literacy.

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